Ski lesson booked: Checklist of to do’s in Zermatt


Every day we have clients asking: “are ski pass and equipment included?”.
The answer is… no, BUT in the following lines you can understand something more about how to be prepared to hit the slopes.
First of all is important to highlight the fact, that actually equipment and ski pass are fundamental for the ski lesson, there is no way to start a lesson without. Unfortunately, as a ski school we are not allowed to provide you these services (yet), however we cooperate with other companies specialized in this.

Tickets must be done directly to the official Ticket Offices of the lift company “Zermatt Bergbahnen” or online on their website ( Make sure to do the right ticket for your experience. For example, if you are a good skier, planning to go skiing in Italy, you must do the international ski pass. If instead you are a beginner, make sure to book a ski pass for the “wolly-park” only or for the beginner area. All employees at ticket office are always kind and ready to suggest you the best option.
Please notice that Zermatt has a system of dynamic Pricing, it means that the price for the skipass may change from one day to one another.

Renting your ski (or snowboard) may take you quite a lot of time, depending on the queue, the number of participants and many other factors. For this reason, we strongly suggest renting your equipment on the night before or (more or less) half an hour before your meeting with the instructor. If you need to rent your material shortly before the lesson, we suggest you to select “Julen Sport” as meeting point. If instead you booked a Premium day, the instructor will make sure to organize your day in the best way in order to lose as less time as possible during this operation.
This is the sport shop we always recommend because of their cordiality and absolute professionality, you can find them here (

So, briefly, all what you need to have to begin a ski lesson is:

  • Appropriate Ticket (ski-pass)
  • Ski  (or snowboard or telemark),
  • boots,
  • helmet,
  • water proof gloves,
  • possibly goggles,
  • water proof jacket and trousers
  •  ski poles (just for ski-lessons)