The Adventure Begins

Preparations are already vacation.
Especially when the vacation is expected, desired and full of expectations.
Leaving for a vacation in Zermatt has a magic all its own.
The vacation will be for a few days and not just a “hit and run” because the place requires a long stay, and this will allow you to get in tune with the environment. The vacation will be not just vacation from work or the daily grind, but rather it will represent an experience and, as such, its preparation will be of great importance!
First of all, pack the desire for the mountains with its landscapes, colors, scents and atmosphere.
Also arrange the desire to experience the mountains with its rhythms, its food and its people.

That done, don’t forget the equipment: not only skis and boots, but clothing also plays a crucial role.
Adventure instructors recommend dressing in layers to best cope with the hostile alpine environment: the first layer must necessarily consist of thermal clothing. There are plenty of these on the market, often specific to winter sports.
Very important, are the socks: they must be terrycloth (possibly specially designed for skiing) and slipped on carefully, avoiding wrinkles or creases that could be annoying during the day. For this reason, we advise against using 2 pairs of socks at the same time.
The second layer involves comfortable, warm and heavy clothing. A heavy pullover may be adequate or a wool sweater.
The third and final layer consists of the classic warm and waterproof “snow clothes”; make sure they also protect you from the wind, but not only that!
Part of the clothing is also the gloves: wool forbidden! There are all kinds on the market (with or without fingers for example), make sure they are waterproof and comfortable.
We also always recommend a helmet, possibly accompanied by goggles; “classic” sunglasses, in fact, are often the cause of pain in case of a fall, since they break easily and let air in from the sides, especially at high speeds. In addition, goggles ,especially of the latest generation, protect much more from the glare of UV rays on the snow.
last but not least, make sure that the skis and boots you wear are appropriate for your level and your size. Always get expert advice (a shopkeeper or instructor) or contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

If you do not have it all we will take care of recommending the rental or purchase best suited to your abilities no worries: Julen Sport, our partner is able to satisfy every request.
Do not forget, therefore, comfortable and warm clothing… Adventure ski school will take care of making the winter warm in Zermatt!

We are waiting for you.