Welcome to our family

The Adventure of working together comes from the mix of three main ideas: Andy, a passionate
writer and ski instructor shares the values of “Snowdance” with his two new friends, Stefano and
Stefano and Paolo are also ski instructors but in their everyday life they live in Italy where they
work as life coaches and business managers. “Together Beyond” develops and mix the shared
values of freedom, nature, adventure and many others with the idea of bringing in Zermatt a
brand-new conception of interpreting a ski school. Clients become guests, workers become
friends. Samuele gets into the team and shares the competences learnt at the university as sport
manager and his experience in the speed skiing world Cup…
In the meanwhile, Patrizio, Ginevra, Vincenzo and Tomas were completing their International Ski
Instructor Academy training procedure.
The team is finally completed, fully qualified, motivated and ready to take care of your
adventure, holiday and Snowsports skills!
Keep reeding the blog and follow us on social media to know more about the team and choose
the perfect instructor for you!